Saturday, December 3rd, 2016

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#WereAllInThisTogether #SolidarityForDistrict5

I’m running for Orlando City Commissioner District 5 to join my neighbors in collectively imagining a District 5 where working class people can thrive and build wealth, where our air, homes and youth are safe, where we can achieve our goals with the collaboration of city leaders who recognize both our needs and our strengths. I’m in this race, not just to imagine that place, but to partner together to build it.

For far too long, the visions that District 5 residents have for ourselves have been ignored, it’s wrong and it’s not fair. It doesn’t have to be that way – but we have to rise up together and make our voices heard at the polls on November 7, 2017.

To do that, I need your help to make sure we can reach as many District 5 residents as possible before November 7th. Can you sign up to volunteer today?

Here’s what I’m hearing from District 5:

I’m hearing that we’re hungry for Investment in the Creativity and Talent of the District 5 residents, and for making sure that economic development practices build and keep wealth in our community.  I will make this a reality by working with you in City Hall to create a West Cultural & Economic Corridor. Together, we can make sure that the city implements community wealth building practices like nurturing local businesses and worker-owned cooperatives, as well as delivering tailored assistance to the existing local businesses and entrepreneurs.

I’m hearing a deep need for a Justice system that is truly JUST. We can start to make this happen by applying the proven ideas that I have built into my platform, such as community policing and proactively addressing youth violence through proven public health approaches, rather than through a policing-only approach. We can repeal ordinances used to unfairly target people of color and the poor and we can establish an empowered and independent civilian review authority.

This are the kind of bold and achievable changes we can make to our city, together – but only if District 5 make their voices heard on November 7th.

Will you volunteer to join my team in turning District 5 out to vote?

If you sign up here, someone from my team will be in touch to get you started. (I promise, it’ll be fun.)

I hope to see you soon,
In Solidarity


Cynthia Harris