Small Business Advocate

Cynthia understands that small businesses are the engines that drive our economy. From family-owned restaurants to high-tech startups, entrepreneurs and small-business owners are crucial elements of our communities and our economy. Cynthia has fought to remove barriers that stand in the way of small businesses, she has a proven track record of halting the Downtown Bar Ordinance that could have shut many businesses on day one. Cynthia has been a proponent of small business for most of her career, even outside of public service, It’s because she really believes in the entrepreneurial spirit. It’s accessing opportunities as entrepreneurs that is the barrier to a number of communities across District 5.

Housing & Environmental Justice

Cynthia knows that having affordable homes are not just places to live, but they are also the building blocks of our communities. Yet, some communities – usually low-income and communities of color – experience a daily assault on their health and environment. They are the hardest hit by air and water pollution from industrial factories, power plants, chemical waste and lead contamination from old pipes and paint. At the same time, communities of color lack access to parks, gardens and other recreational green space. The best way to end chronic homelessness is to provide housing, find affordable housing programs and workforce housing. It makes no sense to build a clinic only to turn the homeless back into the environment that are factors to their health conditions. Housing first is a priority for Cynthia Harris.

Workforce Training & Job Re-Entry

Communities of color also face the violence of economic deprivation. Education alone cannot prevent crime; we also need to help the District 5 residents who are currently unemployed. Orlando is home to 2 Career Source Centers-workforce development agencies that assist people in finding jobs and job-training programs. These Career Source Centers are currently helping the residents without jobs to re-enter the workforce. As your next City Commissioner, I will help lead the effort to connect District 5 residents who seek assistance at Career Source Centers to any legal help they need while they get back on their feet. This includes connecting them to the proper Legal Aid representatives for questions on redress for unlawful firings or advising individuals on unemployment benefits. Cynthia believes we don’t have to travel long distance for training that can’t benefit us right here in this District. Cynthia will also reach out to the business community to promote and expand upon teen internship and mentorship programs. We need work opportunity not empty promises.


Stop Human Trafficking

The scourge of human trafficking isn’t isolated to some foreign land. It plagues our community and our nation. In the U.S., the average age of an adolescent victim is just thirteen years old. I have worked with survivors to propose effective and meaningful solutions to combat human trafficking in our City. Cynthia is dedicated to working with the State Attorney in addressing all three aspects of human trafficking: going after the buyers to end demand, prosecuting the sellers who force women and children into sexual transactions and helping to restore the victims. It’s time to end this form of modern day slavery.

Respectable Commissioner

For the last 19 years District 5 residents has had representation that treated their constituents as if their voices did not matter. Cynthia Harris wants to change that. Cynthia recognizes when a community has to work they cannot attend City Council meetings and needs to be informed her, goal is to help to make people’s lives a little bit better, and hopefully create some policies that will enable the next generation to do much better than what we’re doing right now. No employee should disrespect the people they work for. Honesty and Transparency is what your Commissioner should be. Remember your Elected Official works for you not the other way around. Her motto One City One Aim One Destiny! “We’re All In This Together.”

Our Vote Our Voice Our Community!

The People of District 5 are precious. We Love our City and desire to see it grow, prosper and become more secure. It's the people NOT City Hall who decides who will be your representative. Our Vote Our Voice Our Community!