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Your contribution is vital to the Support of Our Initiatives in District 5

We Deserve Better In District 5

Our community deserves so much more than subpar public services and distressed neighborhoods. With your support and input, we will move District 5 away from business as usual and further towards prosperity, community empowerment, and an overall brighter future. I look forward to engaging with each of you as we make progress towards our goals, dreams, wishes, and personal commitments to Our District 5, and the City of Orlando as a whole. We will continue to build our community, together.

It is imperative that we have a City Council member who operates in accountability, equity, and justice for all; and I am that person.

Invest In District 5

I plan to run a very thrifty campaign. It disturbs me to see the waste that goes into elections and campaigning.

I am sensitive and aware that many people have scarce resources, particularly in this economy. Please be assured that I am frugal and resourceful by nature and will commit to honorably use your donation with care and wisdom.

Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for making a difference!

Please contact me to donate your time or any other resource.

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There are two very important components to any wining political campaign; one is a having a dedicated team of people who believe whole heartedly in what you as a candidate stand for and want to accomplish; the second is funding to get your message out.

I appreciate your support of my campaign. Any donation you can give will help ensure we have the resources necessary to reach out to the citizens of District 5,  notifying them of our candidacy, mission and goals.

Other Ways to Donate Cynthia Harris Campaign

Checks or Money Orders can be made payable to:

Cynthia Harris Campaign

P.O. Box 892

Gotha, Florida 34734

Maximum Contribution $1,000 per Individual or Corporation